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I suck at blogging

January 16, 2012

I know I know, I should get a slap in the face right now for being a slacker (it’s 2012 for God’s sake!). And while a lot of people are worried about the apocalypse with the Mayan calendar and some other shenanigans, I, myself made a very fulfilling decision I haven’t done in the last 2 years. I submitted a resignation few days before New Year’s Eve in a Telco account in Ortigas with a sweet smile on my face. 😀

And while I am busy enjoying the awesomeness that is being unemployed, I took advantage of the days that I don’t have tons of workloads to finish what I haven’t done last 2011. I have regained the social life that I lost (importante to promise. 😉), had an awesome time chilling with my high school friends and my neighbors during the holidays, did A LOT of TV marathons (American Horror Story, 2 Broke Girls, The Walking Dead, and finally I get to finished the 10 seasons of Friends). Also I get to talk to my brother too about us getting some freelance writing jobs so that we don’t have to get out ass dragged on the outskirts of Manila but rather do a homebased job instead. Hope it’ll both workout for the two of us (since basically we both live and breathe in front of our PC and laptops TEEHEE). I just wish I could seriously focus on this blog this year too. Wish me luck. 🙂

If you must know. 2 photo sets happened in two different occasions: [TOP: December 24th, BOTTOM: New Year’s Eve] and yes I am the one who’s sporting a pretentious half curls 😛 (photos by my friend Mark)

Oh, and btw. me and my childhood friend (that guy in red jeans) were supposed to get a tattoo this 2012 by a friend but unfortunately some mishaps occur (and he already left to go back to Canada again) so I am left with a bit of heavy decision of which design I should get (must get one before the start of summer). This are the pegs (via



Shoe Lust

August 7, 2011

I’ve been on shoe restraining order for almost 7 months (last time I bought a shoes was November of last year), and now I’m pretty certain that I need to buy one. Heels are forever my loves since I liked the way it gives me a little height considering I’m 5’2 which is pretty short in Asian standards. Atleast with heels or boots I can pretty much give a bit of oomph in my usual t-shirt (or tanktop) and skinny jeans combo.

So far here’s my current favorites:

Dsquared² skeleton heels
(they’re already sold-out and last season, but I wanted those, it’s so hard to look for a pair in eBay or to contact someone who can actually replicate the shoes 😦 )
Kermit Tesoro’s skull booties
(these are from a local designer who was dubbed as Manila’s Alexander Mcqueen [maybe because of the heelless shoes?], I loved the nude color plus the skull detail is a sweet bonus)

Balenciaga harness boots
(Saw MK Olsen wearing these, again one of the last season’s designer shoes but I still love it)
Jeffrey Campbell foxy leopard platform
(I saw one of these in SM Mega via fashion forum last week and I can’t stop drooling with these babies, they’re mighty high too I think [5 inches])
Classic Christian Louboutin pumps
(and that timeless red soles. I made a promise to myself I’d buy one of these, granted that they would fit me properly. I bought the Aldo ones [not swayed with cheap red sole versions from Janilyn wtf] and sadly it didn’t fit me, they don’t have half sizes either 😦 )
I had a lot of shoe obsessions lately (I should’ve included Fendi‘s Cinderella heels pero ambisyosa na wishlist ko masyado) but due to budget and lack of time to do online shopping and mall hopping I decided to prioritized my own monehhh on other things (skincare & make-ups [recently obsession due to several Youtube tutorials I’ve seen]), I might try getting 1 shoes every month (or every paycheck if budget permits haha). Til next post.
P.S. Site’s not quite done yet. I’m still picking up few help from wordpress site, I have to fix the right sidebar as soon as I can. 😉

Disclaimer: All photos in this entry are via google images. (sorry naman)


August 4, 2011

current DP [mandatory picture post]

So finally after several days of contemplation, I finally gave in and created my new WordPress account! I initially had a LJ but things didn’t work out between me and that site (had to learn my CSS and HTML skillzz again, it’s been a long time!). The site is still open but I’ll prolly leave all my old publishes (more of private post since I usually rant every single day about my career and life) in that site and create a new one for this site. TBQH, this is my first wordpress account as I’ve been using a account since HS (having the same username, and few wordplays [joannalogy,joannaism, LOL]), but I’ve been getting negative feedbacks towards blogger right now, not sure if it’s because Google owns the site or whatevs so I decided to join the WordPress bandwagon. Forgive me if I’m still noob with this whole blogging shenanigans or if my site looks like a 5-year old myspace page but I’m still trying to check the whole site’s feature. More so, I still have my tumblr page, which you can mostly see reblogs from my severe adoration towards Harry Potter, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. etc., twitter account (one is private and one is public w/c is not really impt account since I only use it to publicly send DMs), and Facebook (which I rarely use, I’m more of a twitter person now since I use my phone more often). I really hope this account goes on well, so far the site looks okay for me. 🙂 ciao for now.


P.S. Not all post here are gonna be public (some are password protected), just a fair bit warning

P.P.S. No hate, I only blog as a hobby.

P.P.P.S. I got in at! I’m MoonGoblet125, what’s yours?