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Sunday Makeup Class at Jesi Mendez Salon

March 7, 2012

If there’s one thing I would love to do in a very long time, it’ll be attending a makeup class or even workshop. I’ve been looking highs and lows for a good makeup class in Manila but unfortunately due to lack of budget [most of the makeup classes I’ve seen over the web are either expensive because they are sponsored by high-quality brands or from a well reputable school or makeup artist like MUD or SOFA] and also location wise that I didn’t bother to enroll in any of them. Not when Martha of TheBeautyJunkee had a giveaway slots for a free makeup class from a reputable salon chains in Manila, Jesi Mendez Salon, it finally caught my attention.

At first I was a bit hesitant since the location is in Greenhills and I’m from down South, but then I thought it’s FREE and I get to learn the basics anyway so at the very last minute I gave my name and my email address rightaway for the deets. I actually took the last slot from the class. Phew! It was suppose to be held Feb. 19 but since the instructor won’t be available that time, it was moved to Feb. 26.

Martha told us to bring all our personal makeup stash and tools since it’s a personal makeup class and we’re only taught the basics to apply it on ourselves. We were given a folder with information about the class and a mirror so we can do the makeup on our own too.

Our instructor is no other than Ms. Viana Mendez, daughter of the salon owner Jesi Mendez. We also had Mr. Nesty Espiritu, the brow expert in the salon. On our first lecture we did a skin type assessment for each of us, I found mine as Normal to Combination skin.

Next would be the makeup sessions. During our class she gave importance of getting a makeup primer [which I lack of as of this moment but I’m gonna get one anyway, she mentioned her fave is the Smashbox primer], choosing the right foundation depending on your skin type, getting the right shade of foundation that matches your skin. We were also taught how to properly curl our lashes, apply false eyelashes [major fail since I bought the fancy party lashes from Nichido on a wimp which doesn’t look very natural on me. pfft Really expensive as well!!], coat our lashes with mascara and knowing our face shape, undertones and colors that would work on our skintones. We also did a classic smokey eye look.

Cool tones vs. warm tones

Spot The Beauty Junkee

My favorite part of the class would be the eyebrows and blush application. I seriously do not have any idea on how to do my eyebrows! My notion is that as long as I have my eyebrows groomed at a salon I no longer have to worry about them not until the the hair grows back again. I didn’t know that I have to fill it in to make it more natural looking. That’s why I’m a bit surprise that there’s a lot of women who are obsess about their eyebrows, it actually frames your face. 😀 And about the blush, it’s actually a trick since I have a square shaped face, we have a lecture as well on how to properly apply the blush according to your face shape. [Also I learned that since I already have an angular shape, I no longer need to contour my face… well there goes my Bahama Mama bronzer that goes to waste XD]

with Viana Mendez and Nesty Espiritu

Viana was very helpful and answered all our questions really well. What I really love about the class is that she and Nesty are really hands-on with her students.Not a lot of makeup class would do this since I’ve heard there are some who would have a “makeup model” and the students would copy the things that the instructor did to the model. Viana and Nesty would do half of our faces and the other half is for us to do on our own. They usually guide us and also check if we’re doing it the right way [ie. if our makeup is well blended or even…]

After the class, we got our legit certificate, and have a mini giveaway from Martha as a gift. I got the 2nd price w/c is the Celeteque moisturizer. 😉

photo by : Kei San Pablo

Again, I cannot thanked Martha enough for this wonderful opportunity for her blog readers, to our instructors Viana and Nesty for the great tips and to the staff at Jesi Mendez Salon, Greenhills branch.

photo by

Viana Mendez offers makeup classes in small groups [max. 5 persons], from basic to advanced level so if you’re interested you can email her at vem_wainwright [at] yahoo [dot] com

Visit or Like their

Facebook page for details!

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  1. March 9, 2012 8:00 pm

    one of my plans this year is to enroll myself in a beginners makeup class. i wish i saw this free makeup class as well. anyway, ill visit their site! thanks for this info!

    • March 9, 2012 8:46 pm

      I’m also considering getting advance classes as well but I definitely recommend Viana, she’s very hands-on to her students. 🙂 thanks for stopping by.

  2. May 19, 2012 4:13 pm

    Wow, sounds nice. Make up classes 🙂
    btw, please join my giveaway too if you haven’t yet. Thanks! 😀

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